Wednesday, 7 March 2012

One Man's Wilderness...

Wherever God Shines His Light
Off The Beaten Track
Wild Highland Deer
Heather Burning Season
Gathering Storm

Well of Tranquility

Highland Sunset

Here at The Elemental Kitchen, we celebrate the connection between inspirational ingredients sourced from the natural elements and the dishes we serve to guests at your dining table.  However, we don't personally get the chance to venture deeply into the wilderness very often.  So, we were happy to discover that a friend of ours, who lives and works in the heart of the wild, is such a great shot...with the camera!   In A Highlander's Diary -  One Man's Wilderness, he offers us a window on daily life in the Scottish mountains.  Above, we've selected a few photos, taken in February 2012, to whet your appetite.  You can view more of the diary, updated regularly via this pinterest page.

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